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“I had an appointment on January 8 2019 and was amazed at how people had compassion for other people that are in chronic pain. I was nervous walking into a new doctors office. But, this is no ordinary doctors office. When you walk in you are greeted by a wonderful receptionist. She is very pleasant and treats you with respect. I was glad not to hear insurance card and ID, given a clip board, and was to go sit down and fill out a book of forms. Instead, I was given a tablet to register and was politely asked for my ID that I would be using at the dispensary. I had the pleasure to meet Michael Appleby. His personality is amazing. I never thought people cared about other people until I came to Green Compassion Network. I was taken to another room after my registration was completed. I spoke to two other gentleman about my pain and other pertinent information. They both were very respectful when asking for personal questions. They answered all of my questions completely to the best of their ability. After I met with the two gentleman, I then met with the doctor. The doctor was very professional and sweet. He answered more questions that I forgot to ask. He explained the different strains and informed me what I could try since my absorption rate is different than other people’s. I never met such helpful and understanding group of people. I spoke to Julia Appleby on the phone and I can’t wait to meet her in person. She worked with me on obtaining my medical records and the payment. She is just so sweet. I love working with the Appleby’s and their staff. I recommend Green Compassion Network to anyone that is looking to work with a great team of professional’s. They all make you feel like family.”

“I had an appointment today and I can’t say enough wonderful things about the staff. They really put you at ease, and EVERYTHING was explained to me in an extremely professional way. My questions were answered and the process was easy and painless. Thanks, guys.”

“You guys are great! So friendly and knowledgeable!”

“So much knowledge and sincere in the fact that it’s a science. They definitely want to help. Glad Ohio has come a long way! Knowledge is power”

“Thank you, Green Compassion Network. This for me was a go from the start I had contacted Green Compassion Network in the beginning of legalization of Medical Marijuana. They were kind and always got back to me from a local office. I knew a lot going into the appointment but gained knowledge after I left. From the moment when I stepped into the office, till the time I left, I know I made a good decision. Thank you EVERYONE, P.s I didn’t want to leave after my appointment had such a nice time.”

“I just left I was extremely satisfied with my appt the people are wonderful that work there thank you and keep up the great work.”

My husband and I were so pleasantly surprised with our appointment. EVERYONE at Green Compassion treated us so wonderful. They all took their time with us and explained so much. They answered all of our questions. We were their last appt for the day, but they didn't rush us at all! We recommend these wonderful people to everyone that needs to be informed about medical marijuana. Many thanks to the staff, you are all so sweet and helpful!

Very friendly staff, they treated me like a person. made me feel like I mattered, and that my illness was real. I didn't feel like a number here. the doctor and the staff took their time with me, answered all the questions I had without getting upset and annoyed with me. thank you very much to all the staff.

Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff. You’re greeted at the door by a smiling face welcoming you, followed by a quick check-in on an iPad. Snacks and drinks while you wait, which isn’t long. All around great experience!

This place is awesome and I love the girl at the front desk. Dr Corie is incredible and everyone there makes the process smooth and comfortable.

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